Making the Modern Landscape – Rebuilding Bristol after WW2, Bristol

3 May, 2016 | 18:00 - 20:00

Wine Street and Peter Street after the Blitz, 1940s, BRO 40826/STR/149.
Wine Street and Peter Street after the Blitz, 1940s, BRO 40826/STR/149.

About this event

The Bristol Blitz claimed nearly 1,300 lives. Over 3,000 people were injured and 2,000 homes destroyed. The Blitz destroyed many historic buildings and the centre of the city was changed forever.

The rebuilding of the city centre started almost as soon as the war had ended. Many of the people who lost their homes were re-housed in temporary buildings called prefabs. Prefabs were not meant to be permanent homes but 60 years on, there are still people in Bristol living in these prefabs.

In this talk, Peter Insole, Principal Historic Environment Officer at Bristol City Council, will provide insight on the damage caused by the Blitz, and how what we see in the modern city today was shaped by the plans developed in the 1940's after the devastation.

This is a partnership event between the Institute of Civil Engineers and the Architecture Centre.

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Peter Insole

Peter Insole

Peter is the Principal Historic Environment Officer in the City Design Group at Bristol City Council. During 2010-11 Peter managed the English Heritage funded project to create Know Your Place, an online resource that won the ESRI UK Local Government Vision Award, 2011 and the Urban Design Group Francis Tibbalds Award in 2014.