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Managing stress and pressure at work more effectively with NLP, Cardiff

  • Lecture
  • 21 June 2017
  • 08:00 - 09:30
Managing stress and pressure at work more effectively with NLP, Cardiff

About this event

  • 13.3 million working days are lost per year due to stress, depression and anxiety
  • Around 12 million adults in the UK see their GP with mental health problems each year

Phone Calls, Meetings, Projects. Files, Emails, too much to do. STOP! Everyone is under stress and pressure of some sort, and for some this is stimulating and perceived as a good thing, however for others it can create a sense of overwhelm and causes us various challenges. It's all down to our ability to tolerate, our various thresholds, as well as our ability to recover (especially from prolonged periods of pressure). Being better able to manage pressure and stress successfully can transform the workplace for many people.

Today's Leaders and Professionals have the challenge of finding tips and techniques to better manage their own stress, as well as supporting those around them – their team, their colleagues, or supporting those more senior to them.

Being able to bounce-back from situations rather than buckle under the pressure is a key skill in today's world. This workshop will provide you with practical takeaways that you'll be able to use straight away:

  • An Introduction to NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), how your mind works and therefore you'll gain a better understand of how the mind works under stress
  • You'll develop a better ability to recognise the early signs of stress
  • You'll learn how your mind distorts, deletes and generalises information – and under pressure this can work against us, making us feel even more overwhelmed (that is until we better understand what's going on in our mind!)
  • You'll learn 1 question that will help you get out of the stuck feeling of overwhelm and will help you to start moving forward again (a question you can use to help others too!)
  • Take away 3 practical tools and exercises that anyone can use straight away to help reduce stress

The session is only a taste of what NLP can offer anyone looking to build resilience and understand techniques to better manage pressure. It'll be fun, interactive, and full of practical takeaways that you can put into practice in your workplace or business straight away. You don't need any prior knowledge of NLP or communication skills, simply come with an attitude of curiosity and a willingness to learn.


To book your place, please contact Keith Jones at: keith.jones@ice.org.uk.

Event venue

Atkins Offices
Longcross Court
Newport Road
CF24 0AD
United Kingdom

For more information please contact:

Keith Jones

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