Mayflower Water Treatment Works, Plymouth

8 November, 2016 | 18:00 - 20:00

Computer model of Mayflower Water Treatment Works.
Computer model of Mayflower Water Treatment Works.

About this event

The Mayflower Water Treatment Works (WTW) will replace the outdated treatment works at Crownhill in Plymouth, which was built in the 1950's and is reaching the end of its useful life. The new works will meet the needs of Plymouth's growing population and will provide a secure, high-quality drinking water supply for the wider Plymouth area for generations to come.

It will use cutting-edge treatment processes, designed and developed by leading Dutch water technology company PWN Technologies, and tested at a prototype facility at Crownhill. The new technology uses suspended ion exchange, inline coagulation and ceramic membrane filtration. It is the first time that this combined technology has been used in the UK.

The construction phase is scheduled to finish by March 2018 with the WTW becoming operational in September 2018.

The innovative treatment processes, combined with the size and strategic importance of the project for SWW, poses unique challenges for the delivery team. The presentation will touch on the challenges that have been faced by the design and construction teams in delivering this flagship project for SWW.


Mike Court

Mike Court is a Senior Project Manager with South West Water (SWW) and is responsible for the delivery of the Mayflower Water Treatment Works (WTW) project.

Chris Holt

Chris Holt is a Technical Director with Arcadis and is responsible for design management of the H5O Alliance delivery team and wider integration of the Supply chain to deliver the Mayflower WTW project.

Robert Kools

Robert Kools is a Director of Projects with PWN Technologies (PWNT) and is responsible for the design and installation of the suspended ion exchange (SIX®), inline coagulation adsorption (ILCA®) and ceramic membrane filtration (CeraMac®) processes for the Mayflower WTW project.