My engineering role models, Webinar

25 November, 2016 | 13:00 - 14:00

My engineering role models, Webinar

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Early engineering role models.
Early engineering role models.

Roma will talk about her engineering role models from history. Each one made a significant contribution to the world of engineering, and our profession wasn't the same afterwards.

Without the work of these pioneering people, the skyscrapers and bridges of our modern world would look very different, if they existed at all.


Roma Agrawal

Roma is described as "the new voice of women talking about science and engineering and making it cool" by The Telegraph and the "most prolific [of] women in engineering tweeters" by The Guardian. She is a chartered structural engineer and has worked with signature architects during her eleven-year career designing footbridges, towers and sculptures including six years on The Shard, the tallest tower in Western Europe.

A multiple award winner, both for her technical prowess and her contribution to raising awareness of engineering as a career, she is listed as one of the Top 50 Women Engineers in the UK. She has presented documentaries and has been featured in many UK broadsheets, magazines and online; on the BBC, ITV, has given two TEDx talks about engineering, and selected as a 'Leading Lady' in the M&S campaign 2014.

Outside work, she actively promotes engineering, scientific and technical careers to young people and particularly to under-represented groups such as women. Over the last 5 years, she has spoken to thousands of people about engineering and leadership at schools, universities and festivals across the country and abroad. And now she has a publishing deal with Bloomsbury Publishing to write 'Building Storeys', in which she will tell the fascinating tales of how our world has been built.

Find out more at, @RomaTheEngineer.