Natural flood management: Its role in reducing flood risk and empowering local communities, Worcester

21 February, 2017 | 18:00 - 20:00

Using nature to help prevent flooding.
Using nature to help prevent flooding.

About this event

Natural flood management (NFM) has become a popular theme, but setting realistic expectations and valuing the wider benefits of this "new" concept are the keys to success.

This presentation, based on experiences in Gloucestershire's Stroud valleys and Shropshire's Corve Dale, will look at the principles and different approaches that have been adopted, the techniques employed, the role of partnerships and the wider social and environmental benefits that NFM can deliver.

We will look, briefly, at a new mapping tool being developed in the area office that will enable better evaluation and targeting of NFM measures. Also, we will discuss opportunities for partnership working in the future.

Event materials

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