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Natural hazard and risk in Sierra Leone and the August 2017 Regent landslide, London

  • Lecture
  • London
  • 30 January 2018
  • 18:00 - 20:00
Natural hazard and risk in Sierra Leone and the August 2017 Regent landslide, London

About this event

Sierra Leone is prone to intense and recurring natural hazards such as flooding and landslides, which cause loss of life, devastation and significant economic impact. Climate change is increasing the frequency and magnitude of these events and rapid urbanisation of the major cities is resulting in higher levels of risk exposure.

The first part of the lecture will describe a recent World Bank study to quantify the long-term annual impacts of these hazards for three cities - Freetown, Makeni and Bo - and show the spatial distribution of hazard and risk levels in a series of over 200 map sheets. The reports and the mapping will soon be available and will have applications from city planning to disaster risk reduction. An interactive demonstration of the mapping will be given.

The second part of the lecture will cover the events of 14 August 2017, when severe flooding was experienced across Freetown and a large landslide initiated in the Regent area. Over 1000 people lost their lives and more than 5000 people were displaced. The causes of the slip will be described within the topographic, geological and climatic setting of the Freetown highlands.

Event is sponsored by Arup and ICE.


  • Ing. Alpha Badamasi Savage, Past President of the Sierra Leone Institution of Engineers
  • Matt Willis, Senior Engineering Geologist, Arup
  • Dr Peter Redshaw, Natural Hazard & Risk Specialist, Arup
  • Dr Grace Campbell, Natural Hazard & Risk Specialist, Arup
  • Trudy Morgan, ICE Country Representative Sierra Leone

Event venue

Institution of Civil Engineers
One Great George Street
London SW1P 3AA
United Kingdom

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Rachel Coburn

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