NEC4 Alliance Contract - Increasing collaboration and integration, webinar

28 June, 2017 | 13:00 - 14:00

NEC4 Alliance Contract - Increasing collaboration and integration, webinar

About this event

The construction industry recognises the benefits that integration and collaboration can bring to the delivery of major projects and programmes of work.

NEC has been at the forefront of this process, creating a suite of contracts that allow all members of the supply chain to be engaged on similar terms and conditions. However, these contracts have been bi-party arrangements and NEC users have requested the development of a distinct alliancing form in which all participants can be engaged under a single multi-party contract.

This has led to the development of the NEC4 Alliance Contract (ALC) which will support Clients who wish to take a step forward by fully integrating their delivery team.

The basis of the contract is that all parties work together in achieving Client objectives, and share in the risks and benefits of doing so.

The ALC will be published initially in a consultation form to allow feedback from users to ensure that it meets the needs of the industry.

Join this webinar session to find out:

  • The key drivers behind the development of the NEC4 Alliance Contract (ALC)
  • How the ALC operates and its key features
  • How and when the ALC should be used
  • The risks involved in an ALC and the sharing of those risks
  • The benefits the ALC brings to users
  • How you can get involved in the NEC4 ALC consultation


Peter Higgins - Chair of the NEC4 Contract Board

Peter Higgins

As Chair of the NEC4 Contract Board, Peter Higgins drove the overall NEC4 drafting process.

Peter was Chairman of the New Engineering Contract Panel for the Institution of Civil Engineers and now sits on their New Contract Board. He has been involved in the development and implementation of NEC contracts since the initial preparation of these contract forms, and has provided advice and training to many contract users. Peter was a council member and subsequently was awarded honorary membership of the Society of Construction Law, and has served as a branch chairman of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and as chairman of the ICE Dispute Resolution Panel.

Ian Heaphy - NEC Consultant and member of the NEC4 Contract Board

Ian Heaphy

Ian Heaphy is a member of the NEC4 Contract Board and has been highly involved in the drafting and development of the NEC4 suite.

He has over 20 years of experience in the construction industry, including aviation, oil & gas, rail, water, highways and building. He has worked with clients across the UK, Middle East, Far East and North America including government bodies, private employers and international contractors.

Ian is experienced in most major forms of contract and is a recognised authority on the NEC suite of contract. Ian has worked with the NEC in the development and growth of the contract and has supported numerous, government departments, major clients and international contractors to deliver the benefits of the NEC.