Not up, Not down, but sideways jacked structures, Belfast

3 November, 2014 | 17:30 - 19:30

Not up, Not down, but sideways jacked structures, Belfast

About this event

This presentation traced the development of jacked installations to form underground structures from the 19th century to present day.

The lecture discussed the potential to apply improved and innovative techniques to create a wide range of underground structures in the urban environment.

James Thomson is a chartered civil engineer who pioneered alternative ideas to traditional tunnelling including a method to create road underpasses and subways without surface disruption. In 1980, James set up the international consultancy Jason Consultants Group which he ran for 25 years.

The consultancy focused on underground infrastructure, undertaking a wide range of projects worldwide including many jacked installations.

James set up the Jacked Structures Group in 2008 to undertake conceptual and detailed design of large underground structures without surface disruption.

This is a joint meeting with IStructE.


  • James Thomson
    Jacked Structures Group