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Offshore Engineering Society 16th annual film evening, London

2 December, 2015 | 18:00 - 21:00

Join the OES for a film evening looking at a range of different projects.
Join the OES for a film evening looking at a range of different projects.

About this event

Ray Hobbs Independent Geotechnical Consultant will present this year’s film packed evening, once again he will include a variety of offshore topics including:

  1. Fortuna 3D marine seismic (5min 30sec)
    Seismic survey for Woodside’s Fortuna field, offshore Western Australia
  2. Heerema Marine Contractors (15min 01sec)
    Covering activities including jacket, TLP, topsides and pipeline installation plus platform removal
  3. Clair Ridge – Meeting the construction challenge (22min 34sec)
    Recently released film showing progress to date on this West of Shetland development
  4. Enochdhu Bundle project (6min 53sec)
    Launch of the longest man-made movable structure in the world
  5. West of Shetland spool loadout and installation (4min 32sec)
    Loadout and installation of spool pieces for the Laggan Tormore project
  6. IVRR subsea manifold removal 2013 (9min 56sec)
    Removal of three subsea manifolds from the Ivanhoe and Rob Roy fields by sscv Hermod
  7. Aeolus meteo mast installation (9min 13sec)
    Installation of two met masts, 75km offshore Netherlands and Germany
  8. Bellwind (9min 19sec)
    Installation of wind turbine generators, transformer station and cables, offshore Belgium
  9. Twin crane lift – Part 1 (2min 45sec)
  10. Twin crane lift – Part 2 (1min 25sec)
    The traditional “and finally……” slot

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Event materials

The following materials are available for download:

Dr Ray Hobbs

Dr Hobbs has been in the offshore industry for over 40 years and, following a long career in Lloyds Register as head of its geotechnical team has, for some 15 years, been a successful independent consultant covering both the oil and gas and renewables sectors.

As well as desk work, he makes frequent trips offshore, including to the Clair Ridge DP jacket installation in 2013.

He is a former chairman and current committee member of the OES and sits on API, ISO, IOGP and BSI code-writing committees covering offshore geotechnics and site investigation, as well as on the SUT Offshore Site Investigation and Geotechnics committee.

He actively contributed to writing ISO 19901-8 (Marine Soil Investigations) and the SUT Guidance Notes on ground investigations for offshore renewables.

He has previously served on IMarEST’s Technical Affairs Committee and on the British Geotechnical Association’s executive committee.