Oxford Road bus priority scheme, Manchester

6 June, 2017 | 18:30 - 20:30

Prioritising bus travel in Manchester.
Prioritising bus travel in Manchester.

About this event

The Bus Priority improvements along Oxford Road represent a multi-million pound transformation of one of Manchester's most recognisable and important transport corridors.

Forming a key part of TfGM's £120m Bus Priority programme, the changes to Oxford Road represent whole-sale road-space reallocation, combined with the introduction of access restrictions, on a scale to rival anything else in the country.

Delivery of the scheme, on the busiest bus and cycle corridor in Greater Manchester, has presented a variety of challenges. Securing strong stakeholder support has been key to overcoming these.

This presentation, delivered by David Budd, the Oxford Road project manager at TfGM, will cover the design, coordination and delivery challenges faced by the project, and how they have been overcome.

Speaker: David Budd, Senior Project Manager, TfGM

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