Paddington Bakerloo line link project, London

15 June, 2017 | 18:00 - 20:00

Paddington Bakerloo line link project, London

About this event

The presentation will describe Transport for London's/London Underground's Paddington Bakerloo Line Link project and cover such aspects as: the Sprayed Concrete Lining works, the cross passage excavations, the new switch room excavations, the link tunnel breakthrough with secondary lining, the square works in the lift lobby and the lower concourse strengthening.

Event materials

The following materials are available for download:


  • Sharon Young - TFL Principal Project Engineer, BLL
  • Chris John - TFL Tunnelling Project Manager, BLL
  • Phil Astle - OTB Engineering – Engineering Director, BLL Lead Tunnel Designer
  • Simon Welsh - Costain Skanska Joint Venture (CSJV), BLL Engineering Manager