Panama Canal: One of the engineering Wonders of the World? Brisbane

23 March, 2017 | 18:00 - 19:00

Get an indepth look at the Panama Canal.
Get an indepth look at the Panama Canal.

About this event

The Panama Canal and its history have fascinated engineers since it was first planned in the mid 1850's. Bankrupting firms, killing thousands of workers, international debates over ownership and environmental savings and the time savings through its use are all outside of the engineering issues that were addressed and conquered to build this system.

Opened in 1914 and in heavy usage for ships paying up to $800,00US to pass through the lock systems, the original canal has been supplemented by a new canal that opened in mid-2016, 18months late and $3.4bnUS over its original $5.6bnUS budget. Learn about the history of the canal from its inception to its operation and some of the engineering feats that have been overcome, through simple engineering, good planning and shear desire of those involved to construct and continually maintain the 77km long artificial canal system and its locks.

Following a recent visit to the canal, Glen will talk about its history and the observations from passing through the canal as well as sharing research undertaken to find out more about this great wonder of the world, the small electric trains used to assist ships through it and the feeling of touching the sides of the canal from on board an ocean liner!


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Glen Miney


Glen Miney

Glen is the current ICE Representative for Queensland. Glen is passionate about the ICE and has been involved with the Queensland committee in various forms since 2011. He worked in the UK with Atkins Consultants from 1997 to 2009 including a year out to serve with the British Army in Afghanistan, before relocating to Brisbane where he has worked with Brisbane City Council and Arup consultants.