Planning for rising tides - The Humber Flood Risk Management Strategy, Lincoln

22 November, 2016 | 18:30 - 19:30

Managing tidal flood risk in the Humber estuary.
Managing tidal flood risk in the Humber estuary.

About this event

The Humber Strategy is a long-term plan for managing tidal flood risk around the estuary. A first version of it was approved in 2007, but it's now being reviewed to take account of legislative and other changes.

The huge tidal surge in December 2013 had very significant physical and political impacts. Late last year that Secretary of State directed that the EA should lead a "comprehensive review" of the strategy.

Philip will describe how the review is being undertaken, and outline how this will could change the new programme of improvement schemes from 2021 onwards.


Philip Winn, Humber Manager, Environment Agency.


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Mervyn Pettifor

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