Principles of pavement design, Perth

1 June, 2017 | 17:30 - 20:00

Join our presentation on pavement design.
Join our presentation on pavement design.

About this event

During this presentation, the Principles of Pavement Design will be highlighted through a discussion of the various pavement types and the different design processes applied. An understanding of the geotechnical properties of the subgrade/foundation and of the different layers comprising the pavement structure is required to design the most economical pavement capable of providing a satisfactory level of service for the anticipated traffic over the design life of the Pavement.

Please also be advised that the ICE's International Director Catherine Cole will be in attendance at this event.


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Dr Anna Carin Brink

Anna Carin has been a Pavement Engineer for more than 32 years. She is a Chartered Engineer and has been involved in the design, construction, maintenance and rehabilitation of many road and airport pavements, primarily in Southern Africa. She relocated to Australia in January 2012, and has been working on projects across Australia, New Zealand, Brunei and the Philippines.

Stephan Dickinson

Stephan is a Chartered Civil Engineer with over 20 years' experience in the design and supervision of multidisciplinary maritime, civil and infrastructure engineering works. Stephan has been involved in the design, construction and maintenance of a number of road and port pavements in both the United Kingdom and Australia.