Procedural compliance: What works and why? London

14 June, 2016 | 18:00 - 20:30

Compliance and rules
Compliance and rules

About this event

Professor Andrew Hale will draw on recent studies on the effectiveness of safety rules and discuss the need to accommodate the two faces of rules – an essential element in safety management, with education and disciplinary action as their handmaidens, aiming to achieve as close to 100% obedience as possible and, on the other hand, guidance to be flexibly interpreted in accordance with circumstances, with compliance being defined in terms of meeting goals and not of following detailed rules.

Garry Moon will present a case study set in a mature oil and gas production organisation, where the need to combat complacency, improve operational discipline and set new standards of behaviour was identified. He will describe a multifaceted approach to support workers in developing baselines for acceptable behaviour, removing the perceived barriers and developing a desirable 'chronic sense of unease' to combat complacency.

Set in the context of the nuclear sector, Elaine Vinton will address some key questions such as: What is the legal position for procedures and operating instructions and what does this mean in practice? What do we mean when we talk about procedural compliance, 'fit for purpose procedures' and how can procedure quality, use, and adherence be improved? What does a licensee need to have in place to deliver these requirements and associated expectations? She will also outline good practices across the nuclear industry and explain why an integrated and systematic approach is important.

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17.30 - Tea and register

18.00 - Welcome and introduction
Sir John Armitt CBE, FREng, FICE President, ICE Chair

18.10 - Presentations
Professor Andrew Hale
Emeritus Professor of Safety Science, Delft University of Technology; Chairman, HASTAM Ltd
Rules – sound foundations?

Garry Moon, Principal Consultant, Lloyds Register
Changing culture in a technical workforce: How do you improve compliance?

Elaine Vinton, Principal Inspector – Nuclear Safety, Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR)
Fit for purpose – insights from the nuclear industry

19.10 - Discussion period

19.35 - Concluding remarks
Sir John Armitt CBE, FREng, FICE

19.40 - Drinks reception

20.30 - Close