Concrete Wash Water ‘The Silent Polluter’, Wimborne

19 January, 2017 | 18:00 - 20:00

Full Containment and Treatment of Concrete Wash Water on an Urban Construction Site.
Full Containment and Treatment of Concrete Wash Water on an Urban Construction Site.

About this event

The Environment Agency's decision to withdraw the PPG Series of pollution prevention guidance notes and Regulatory Position Statement relating to the Management of Concrete Wash Water on construction sites means that for Construction Companies relevant guidance dealing with the management and treatment of concrete wash water is no longer available.

A recent court case involving the release of small volumes of high pH water into a river resulted in fines of nearly £1 Million handed down by the Courts. The message from the Courts is clear; the "Polluter Pays" principle will be enforced.

Now more than ever there is a need for Construction Sites to proactively manage their environmental responsibilities in respect of this common pollutant.

Key points that will be covered:

  • Why high pH waters are common place on construction sites
  • On-site sources of high pH water, where can they be found
  • What do highly alkaline wash waters look like?
  • Effect on the environment and the potential to cause pollution
  • Understanding the pH Scale and why dilution can't be the solution
  • Discharge to foul sewer; to surface water or groundwater. What treatment standard will I need to achieve?
  • What happens if it goes wrong (How big a fine will the courts hand out and how will the fine be calculated ?)
  • Best Practice Guidelines for Managing Concrete Wash Water
  • pH adjustment using mineral acids, citric acid and carbon dioxide (Benefits and Costs)
  • Examples of best practice and poor practice.


Simon Hamlyn

Simon Hamlyn

Simon, who is a 3-Dimensional Designer by qualification, comes from a family of architects - both parents and his Grandfather. Simon's career has embraced international branded drinks, hotels & leisure, electronic entertainment, magazine publishing, internet businesses and, over the past 15 years, consumer and trade membership organisations.

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