Best of both worlds? Questions of scale in science and engineering for society, Attard

21 June, 2017 | 18:15 - 19:30

Scale in science and engineering.
Scale in science and engineering.

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Matter is made of atoms, crowds are formed of people, and financial markets comprise transactions. To understand how each of these behave, we can only get so far by thinking at the top-most level in terms of the material itself, the crowd, and the market.

The individual components are critical, and how they interact with each other often determines the overall behaviour. Predicting how these types of multi-scale systems function is a grand challenge in science and engineering for the 21st Century.

In this talk, you will be shown how research on the flow of gases and liquids at micro and nano scales has parallels with phenomena as diverse as the spread of disease and stock market returns.

Complimentary refreshments will be served at 5:45pm.

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Jason Reese

Jason is Regius Professor of Engineering in the University of Edinburgh. His first degree was in Physics from Imperial College London, and his doctoral research was in Applied Mathematics at Oxford University.

Following research positions in the Technische Universitaet Berlin and Cambridge University, in 1996 he became a Lecturer in Aberdeen University, and then Lecturer and ExxonMobil Engineering Fellow in King's College London. He moved to the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, as Weir Professor of Thermodynamics & Fluid Mechanics, and was latterly Head of the Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering. In 2013 he was appointed to the Regius Chair in Edinburgh University, the ninth incumbent since its establishment by Queen Victoria in 1868.

In addition to his engineering science research on non-continuum flows (particularly at the micro and nano scales), he is involved in the industrial application of fluid mechanics. He co-founded Brinker Technology Ltd in 2002 to commercialise novel leak detection and sealing systems for oil/gas pipelines and wellheads.

A winner of the Philip Leverhulme Prize for Engineering (Leverhulme Trust), the Lord Kelvin Medal (Royal Society of Edinburgh), and a MacRobert Award finalist (Royal Academy of Engineering), Jason Reese is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, of the American Physical Society, and of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.