Rebuilding Gobbins Path, Belfast

9 February, 2015 | 18:00 - 19:00

Rebuilding Gobbins Path, Belfast

About this event

Adrian Pollock (McLaughlin & Harvey), Gavin Wilson (Doran Consulting) and Rowan Lyons (Byrne Looby Partners) present this technical meeting, which was a joint meeting with the NI Geotechnical Group.

The lecture looks at the history of the path from its opening in 1902 to the closure in 1961, along with the history of Berkeley Deane Wise, the engineer who initially built the scheme.

The lecture also provides an overview of the current engineering processes on the scheme.

To view the slides that accompany this presentation the event is split into four parts. After the first slide in each Part click View Slide in the top left corner to access.

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