Recent progress in Basal Reinforcement, Sheffield

16 February, 2016 | 18:30 - 20:30

Recent progress in Basal Reinforcement, Sheffield

About this event

Joint meeting with International Geosynthetics Society UK chapter
Speaker: Dr Alain Nancey, TenCate Geosynthetics

Basal reinforcement by geosynthetics of a piled embankment is a current technique, and with more than 20 years of experience, geosynthetics have proved their efficiency in reinforcing the base of embankments. Especially in northern Europe where geosynthetics are widely used in this application, even in difficult conditions.

Nevertheless the optimisation of the design remains a constant need to offer an economical, but also an environmental sustainable solution to the users, designers or contractors. Particularly for the reinforced piled embankment, the developments of soil improvement techniques require rethinking of the models used for the geosynthetics: how to correctly consider the load transfer to the piles and the behaviour of the geosynthetics reinforcement.

In this context, two main projects have been carried out to get a better understanding of the load transfer and then to offer an optimised solution: "ASIRI" (France) and a detailed study based on laboratory tests series by Deltares, an institute in the Netherlands.

As a result of these research programs, the influence of parameters like the fill material, the stiffness and the type and position of geosynthetics have been clearly demonstrated. Additionally, the load distribution between piles and over the geosynthetic has been found to be different from those taken in the standard design models. A new design model is proposed by S V Eekelen, giving results closer to on site measurements.

This presentation proposes to show a synthesis of the latest developments, including real projects examples.


Dr Alain Nancey

Dr Alain Nancey is currently Technical Manager at TenCate Geosynthetics Europe and is in charge of technical marketing activities, particularly on the domain of basal reinforcement. He obtained his thesis in Soil Mechanics at the University of Grenoble (F) in 1992 and has actively participated in numerous research projects on the use of geosynthetics, contributing to a high level of expertise in this field. Alain is a member of the French committee of standardisation (BNTRA) and a member of the European Committee for Standardisation on Geotextiles (CEN TC 189 WG1, WG3, WG5 and ISO WG6).