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Reliability in temporary works design, Gillingham

  • Lecture
  • Gillingham
  • 26 September 2018
  • 18:00 - 20:00
Reliability in temporary works design, Gillingham

About this event

John Moran of the Royal School of Military Engineering will introduce the talk.

Many military engineering schemes require the rapid solution of non-standard engineering problems. They may be asked to provide engineering design in which the structural or geotechnical reliability is lower than normally acceptable in civilian standard practice. Teaching concentrates on reliability and the importance of safe execution. This has much in common with civilian temporary works design.

Tim Lohman is past chair of the Temporary Works Forum ad a Technical Director at Wentworth House. He will describe a range of projects involving temporary states for which the design is as challenging as the permanent state design.

Often temporary works design is assumed to import greater execution risk than those associated with the permanent state. Tim will explain some of the reasons why standard BS EN (Eurocode) reliability calculation may be inappropriate. This may be because temporary works:

  • Are typically rapidly designed and procured;
  • Tend to have a greater proportion of variable actions with greater uncertainty;
  • Tend to have a greater time under maximum variable action;
  • Have more imperfections due to re-use of components;
  • Tend to be supported by less ground information.

Some of these influences will be used to describe why designing key temporary states involves managing greater risk than those in the completed state design.

Event venue

Royal Engineers Museum
Prince Arthur Road
Gillingham ME7 1UR
United Kingdom

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