Remedial works to dams in Northern Ireland, Belfast

11 January, 2016 | 18:15 - 20:00

Remedial works to dams in Northern Ireland, Belfast

About this event

Northern Ireland Waters impounding reservoir portfolio secure drinking water for over 700,000 people. However, these invaluable assets also pose a risk to approximately 66,000 people living within the downstream flood inundation area should a catastrophic failure of the dam occur.

These assets must be inspected monitored and maintained, to a very high standard to protect the population downstream and secure the water supply function.

This presentation will cover the following:

  • the background to the safety inspection of Dams for Northern Ireland Water. The monitoring requirements and the process of carrying out safety reports will be explained in the context of the proposed new legislation.
  • examples or recent remedial works completed at a number or Northern Ireland Water Reservoirs, including Silent Valley, Ben Crom, Spelga and the Woodburn cascade system.
  • A discussion on the environmental, management and programming challenges associated with works to reservoirs.

Watch online

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David McKillen

David McKillen is an Engineering Technical Director in AECOM responsible for co-ordinating a Water Infrastructure Engineering team of 35 staff working on all aspects of engineering construction and their related environmental impacts. A key emphasis is on reservoir and Dam related works in Ireland, GB and beyond with some projects in Mauritania, Azerbaijan, Ivory Coast and Zambia.

He has been a member of staff from his graduation in 1983 and has gained extensive technical and managerial experience in reservoir safety and construction, geotechnical engineering, foundation design, design of hydraulic structures, hydrology and in all aspects of water engineering.

David has been involved with reservoir inspections and reports since joining the company and has been a member of the Supervising Panel of Engineers under the Reservoirs Act 1975 since 2000.

David sits on the ICE NI expert panel that has advised Rivers Agency on the development of Reservoir Safety Legislation for Northern Ireland.

Gareth Briggs

Gareth is an Associate Civil Engineer with AECOM and has been the design and project manager responsible for the delivery of a number of the reservoir refurbishment projects that will be discussed within this presentation.

While based in the Belfast office Gareth has accumulated 12 years-experience in dam engineering (both in all aspects of design and the various inspection reports) having been involved in the design and repair of major dam infrastructure within Ireland, the UK, and Africa.

Paul Davison

Paul Davison is Project Sponsor (head of Water Capital Delivery) with NI Water, with responsibility for all Water Capital Delivery including impounding reservoirs, water treatment, trunk mains, water main and reservoirs. He joined the water service in 1993 and spent the past 20 years in capital delivery in all areas of the business, including water, waste water, infrastructure and non-infrastructure.