Resilient Cities – the role of Urban Groundwater, London

10 November, 2016 | 18:30 - 20:00

The water cycle.
The water cycle.

About this event

These two talks will cover the challenges from a quantitative and qualitative perspective highlighting the importance of these interactions with the experience in London used to exemplify these challenges.

1. Mike Jones/Jamie Riches – The highs and lows of groundwater supply in London (Thames Water).

The abstraction of groundwater to feed major urban centres, including London, is critical to their continued water supply resilience. London has a long history of groundwater development, both for public water supply and industrial growth. For London the importance of groundwater has grown over the last couple of decades with the development of critical groundwater schemes and control of rising London groundwater. This has happened despite growing challenges and risks for example to water quality and sustainability and this challenge is set to grow with ever more pressure on resources and the need for an integrated and innovative approach.

2. Richard Mitchener – Groundwater & urban infrastructure: enhanced understanding and management (Atkins)

Groundwater in urban areas can create a number of challenges when building and operating urban infrastructure. One of the key areas of concern is infiltration of groundwater into sewers. This can exacerbate flooding as well as lead to increased contamination risks and create challenges for water companies. Exfiltration in lower flow conditions may also have impacts on water quality and affect local amenity value. Addressing the challenge requires increased integration of sewer and groundwater data and modelling approaches.

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