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Resurrecting the lost British Standards for Geotechnical Design, Cardiff

17 May, 2016 | 17:30 - 19:00

Looking closely at the old Bristish Standards for Geotechnic design.
Looking closely at the old Bristish Standards for Geotechnic design.

About this event

The British Standard Codes of Practice for Foundations (BS 8004:1986) and Earth Retaining Structures (BS 8002:1994) were withdrawn In April 2010, to coincide with the introduction of Eurocode 7 (BS EN 1997) into UK practice. These codes were 24 and 16 years old, respectively, at the time and it was considered too big a task to revise them to be compatible with the Eurocodes.

Since 2010, however, it has become apparent that there is a need for the practical design rules previously provided by BSs 8004 and 8002, since these are sadly missing from the current version of Eurocode 7. Last year, BSI was commissioned by HS2 to bring these withdrawn codes of practice back to life. The aim was to have standards that are fully compatible with Eurocode 7; adopt limit state principles using partial factors; provide guidance on the selection of soil parameters; and reflect advances in technology over the past 20-30 years.

In this talk, Dr Andrew Bond – who was employed by BSI to rewrite the documents – will explain what is new, what has been changed, and what has been omitted from the new standards. He will also touch upon the recent revision of BS 5930, the British Standard Code of Practice for Ground investigations, and will put the work into context by referring to the development of the second generation of Eurocode 7, planned for 2020.


Dr Andrew Bond

Dr Andrew Bond is Director of Geocentrix Ltd and the Chairman of TC250/SC7 – the committee responsible for the development of Eurocode 7.

Andrew is the designer of the software programs ReWaRD and Repute; co-author of the books Decoding Eurocode 7 – with Andrew Harris – and Earth Pressures and Earth Retaining Structures (3rd edition) – with Prof. Chris Clayton et al.; and a regular presenter of training courses on Eurocode 7. He provides geotechnical consultancy on a wide range of civil and structural design projects.