An approach to risk management for marine and coastal projects, Gatwick

23 March, 2016 | 18:00 - 20:00

Our annual joint meeting, on coastal and marine risk management.
Our annual joint meeting, on coastal and marine risk management.

About this event

Marine and coastal risk management carries with it a unique set of issues related to exposure and activities in and around a very complex, dynamic and difficult environment.

Identifying and managing risk for coastal and marine projects can be challenging, particularly at the planning and concept stages which can have knock on effects throughout the project life cycle. This talk will look at ways in which we can use information from previous projects and experiences, and apply them to critical points throughout all stages of new projects.

Our speaker, Nick Cane of Bechtel, has a background in managing a wide range of coastal and marine projects, and currently leads the ports and marine engineering function for Bechtel's infrastructure division.

Over the past decade, Nick has been involved in the engineering and construction of large infrastructure projects around the world, including coastal protection, waterfront developments and ports, with more recent support to the oil, gas and chemicals industry and the associated marine import and export facilities.

Event materials

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