Safety lessons from sport, London

20 June, 2017 | 17:30 - 20:30

Safety in sport.
Safety in sport.

About this event

Sport is a significant and growing industry within the UK, now with the backing of its own government strategy. More and more people are engaging in higher-risk sports, and there is considerable publicity when things go wrong.

Even so, prevalent views vary widely as to risks and their tolerability, the effectiveness and reasonableness of control measures, and who should be responsible for what. Furthermore, preparation and planning can help manage risks up to a point, but individual and/or team behaviour will remain at the centre of safety.

This evening event will look at how risk-based issues in sport relate to high-hazard activities in other areas.

The evening's event will be followed by a 2-day research conference on 22-23 June, hosted in Loughborough by the CIEHF, on the impact of human factors on competitiveness and safety in sport.

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Chair: Jon Berman

Chartered Ergonomist and Human Factors Specialist with long experience gained across such high-hazard industries as aviation and nuclear power before moving into consultancy. He is a Past President of the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors (CIEHF), and his interests include culture and decision-making, resilience, and how to achieve sustained high performance in organisations. As a life-long recreational skier he also has a personal interest in the evening's discussion.

Michael Wright

"Influencing risk taking in unsupervised water sports"
Michael Wright is a Director at Greenstreet Berman. He has spent 30 years researching and consulting on the behavioural aspects of risk and safety. His work has taken him into many domains, from major accident prevention and occupational safety to promotion of safety in leisure, at home, food safety, health promotion and sports safety.

Key in this has been how safety behaviour can be influenced by education and communications, and lessons have been learned from a recent line of work with the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.

Grant Trewarth

"Recuding injury risk in sports: Lessons from rugby union"

Dr Grant Trewartha is an Honorary Reader with the Department of Health at the University of Bath. Working in partnership with national (RFU) and international governing bodies (World Rugby) he has directed a number of research programmes focussed on injury prevention initiatives within rugby. These can use a range of interventions, from physical preparation of players through to rule changes.

Dennis Carter

"The evolution of rules and communications within motor-sport"

Dennis Carter was a racing driver at international level, for 22 years. He then became Competition Director and later Chief Executive at the British Automobile Racing Club, and has acted as International Sporting Delegate on behalf of the FIA. A member of the Motor Sports Council and with a number of directorships within motor racing, he also still officiates at races either as the race director or the senior FIA or MSA steward.