Shieldhall Tunnel - Geotechnical modelling and risk assessment, Glasgow

13 October, 2015 | 17:30 - 20:00

Geotechnical modelling and risk assement for the new Shieldhall Tunnel.
Geotechnical modelling and risk assement for the new Shieldhall Tunnel.

About this event

An assessment of the identified geotechnical risks will be presented in relation to the construction of a new £100m sewer tunnel ('Shieldhall Tunnel') which is part of the biggest upgrade to Glasgow's wastewater network since Victorian times. The alignment has a total length of 5.4km including three permanent shafts and tunnel sections with diameters ranging from 2.10m to 4.65m.

The presentation will also highlight the complexity of the project and challenges due to the urban environment. The alignment passes at shallow depth under three railway lines, a heavily trafficked motorway and some residential areas.

Early development of the geological model benefitted from a considerable quantity of archive information freely available from various public bodies, which revealed the complexity of ground conditions. The ground investigations targeted specific geohazards including contamination; alluvium (soft and highly compressible with layers of running sand); variable bedrock depth and characteristics; historical mining operations and complex interconnected hydrogeological system.

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