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Explore Engineering: Site visit to St Asaph Flood Alleviation Scheme, St Asaph

  • Networking
  • St Asaph
  • 07 June 2018
  • 14:15 - 16:00
Explore Engineering: Site visit to St Asaph Flood Alleviation Scheme, St Asaph

About this event

The city of St Asaph has been flooded from the River Elwy on several occasions previously including 1964 and 1965 after which defences were constructed. These defences were further raised & improved in both the 1970s & 1980s. On 27 November 2012, the River Elwy overtopped the existing defences in the early hours of the morning. Approximately 320 properties were affected including homes and businesses. Tragically, there was also one fatality.

Following the 2012 flooding a study was commissioned to fully investigate the flood risk and to put forward a flood scheme to reduce flood risk in future. The scheme comprises the replacement of Spring Gardens Access Road Bridge and the construction of new defences and the raising of existing defences upstream of the bridge.

The raised deck of the new bridge is high enough so that it does not obstruct flood levels either now or in the future climate change scenarios. Upstream of Spring Gardens approximately 1km of new floodwall clad in brick and stone has been constructed along with approximately 1km of embankment raising.

This is your opportunity to join the site team for a guided walk of the scheme ahead of the AGM and presentation on the scheme in the evening.


  • Jamie Turner (Dawnus)
  • John Davies (NRW)
  • Andries Bentley (B&V)

Event venue

St Asaph Flood Alleviation Scheme
The Plough
St Asaph
St Asaph LL17 0LU
United Kingdom

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Graham Coombs

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