Smart Cities, Birmingham

4 May, 2016 | 18:00 - 20:00

Smart Cities, Birmingham

About this event

Dr Rick Robinson is IT Director for Smart Data and Technology at Amey, one of the UK’s leading public and regulated services providers. Previously, he was IBM UK’s Executive Architect for Smarter Cities. He has helped cities around the UK deliver Smart City initiatives in collaboration with urban designers, academics and policy-makers across social, economic and engineering.

Rick is a member of the Government’s Smart Cities Forum, a Fellow of the British Computer Society and the RSA, an Open Group Distinguished Certified IT Architect and a member of the Academy of Urbanism. He is regularly invited to present to conferences held by organisations such as the World Bank, EcoBuild, United Nations, TEDx, Commonwealth Studies Conference, Royal Institute of British Architects, Royal Institute of Town Planners and the Open Data Institute.

Rick writes about his work on his blog.

Event materials

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