Some aspects of blast and ballistics on glazed facades, Guildford

4 May, 2017 | 18:00 - 20:00

Can modern design protect us from blasts?
Can modern design protect us from blasts?

About this event

Terrorist attacks on people and buildings have been growing in frequency and changing in nature for the last 50 years.

Counter Terrorism Measures for buildings are increasingly required in the 21st century to protect the occupants from attack. The facades of buildings can provide a degree of blast protection to the occupants from external threats such as Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosives Devices, but these need to be combined with a secure layout, Hostile Vehicle Mitigation, secure access control and / or internal fit-out to reduce the risks from the current range of terrorist attacks.

This presentation will discuss the possible synergies of hard and soft protection measures, and will consider the design of facades for protection from blast and ballistic threats.

Our speaker, Colin Morison, was involved in the development of the design of structures and facades to resist blast loading for 25 years at TPS Consult, retiring as Technical Director for Security & Explosion Effects. He is now an Independent Consultant in the blast field, and particularly on airport terminals.

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