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Star Wars: the battle for space supremacy, Guildford

19 October, 2016 | 19:00 - 21:00

Listening out for the stars.
Listening out for the stars.

About this event

How is space used in military operations? Spy satellites, positional satellites and SatCom will all be covered in this informative insight into the world of modern warfare.

Our presenter Dave Davis, a senior systems engineer at VT iDirect, will explain how space technology has helped shape the battlefield, together with the technological and human issues involved in using space within a military context. He will also describe the threats and opportunities that could arise on land, at sea or in the air; and how constant communications, situational awareness and navigation are all crucial in making the right decisions at the right time.

Dave Davis, an IET Surrey regular speaker, served with the Royal Signals from 1988 to 2003 as a radio and satellite technician, and later an instructor. He then moved into industry with NSSL Global in various project engineering roles, and now is VT iDirects pre-sales engineering focus for the Inmarsat Global Xpress project.

The event is free of charge.

Further information and registration details can be found online at www.theiet.org/surrey

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