Temporary flood defences - lessons learnt and the way forward, Webinar

12 April, 2017 | 12:30 - 13:30

Temporary flood defences - lessons learnt and the way forward, Webinar

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In 2016 the government’s National Flood Resilience Review highlighted temporary flood defences as a solution to protecting assets in some flood situations for a limited time. Many utility companies and local authorities, as well as the Environment Agency, are now investing in temporary defences.

There is currently a great opportunity for learning about use of temporary flood defences, as they have not been in wide use for long and represent a relatively immature form of flood risk management strategy.

The webinar will be presented by Geodesign Barriers, a supplier of temporary flood defence solutions which has a contract with the Environment Agency.


12:30 - Chair’s opening
12:35 - Presentation with slides and photos – Britt Warg
13:05 - Q&A
13:25 - Chair’s close


Britt Warg

Britt Warg

Britt is the UK Manager for Geodesign Barriers Ltd. She moved from Sweden to the UK in 1998. Her background is modern language teaching (French and English).

In December 2000, Britt’s hometown in Sweden was saved from a severe flood by a temporary flood barrier. Impressed with what she saw when visiting her family, and frustrated with the UK’s ineffective flood response at the time, Britt introduced this temporary barrier system to the UK in January 2001.

Since then, Britt has been working with temporary flood barriers on all levels, assisting national planning as well as providing hands-on training and deployment in emergency flood situations. Britt works closely with the Environment Agency, local authorities and critical infrastructure owners to help develop best practice in use of temporary flood barriers. She is also an avid promoter of a volunteer-based “flood brigade” concept and will explain more about this during her talk.