Ten Years of Public–Private Partnerships in Germany: Experiences and Perspectives, London

29 February, 2016 | 18:00 - 20:30

Ten Years of Public–Private Partnerships in Germany: Experiences and Perspectives, London

About this event

The federal report on public–private partnerships (PPPs) in the building sector, published in 2003, can be considered as the cornerstone for the realisation of PPP projects in Germany.

This lecture will draw a balance and take a look back on 10 years of daily dealings with PPP projects.

The presentation will:

  • Define PPP and look at the history of PPP and the different types of PPP contracts
  • Give an overview of the German PPP market
  • Highlight the experiences that have occurred in the context of procurement, financing and the realisation of PPP projects themselves
  • Share a short survey analyses PPP projects in the building construction and road sectors

Then, the speakers will summarise and evaluate the experiences in preparation and realisation and provide a closer look at the actual and future development of PPP in Germany with consideration of critical aspects and possible solutions.

The paper that forms the basis of this presentation won the Parkman Medal at the 2015 ICE Annual Award Ceremony. The medal is awarded for the best paper published by the Institution in the previous year on the practical aspects of the control or management, including project management, of the design and/or construction of a specific scheme.​ The paper is availale to delegates to read online.


Dieter Jacob

John Beswick
Professor Dr.-Ing. Dieter Jacob

University Professor Dr.-Ing. Dieter Jacob is a full chair holder at the Business School of the Technical University and Mining School in Freiberg/Saxony since 1997. The chair is denominated for General Business Management, especially Construction Business Management. In addition, he is a standing guest lecturer at the Civil Engineering School of the Technical University of Berlin und lives in Berlin.

First, he studied Business Administration at the Mannheim Business School and later Civil Engineering and Construction Management at the Technical Universities of Karlsruhe, Stuttgart und Berlin and at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh.

He earned his Ph.D. in construction Management at the Technical University of Stuttgart parallel to his executive work at the central finance department (capital markets group) of BASF, Ludwigshafen. After the German reunification, he joined the Holzmann Construction Group in Technical Management.

In 2001, during his University post, he was the co-founder of PSPC, Berlin, which is now a leading German Business & Engineering Consulting Firm for PPP and PFI Business. Also since 2001, he organizes a yearly scientific EU conference on PPP, together with his Berlin University Colleague.

Corinna Hilbig

John Beswick
Dr. rer. pol. Corinna Hilbig

Dr. rer. pol. Corinna Hilbig studied Business administration at the Freiberg Business School from 2003 to 2008. During that time, she also spent a semester at the Sorbonne University in Paris and did PPP research work at VINCI Construction France. Afterwards, she started her career as an industry research associate at the chair of Professor Jacob for 2 years.

In 2010, she joined PSPC Berlin as a business consultant. In 2012, she became Vice-President (Prokurist), in 2014 she was promoted to the post of Co-Managing Director of PSPC and in 2015, she became a shareholder and sole Managing Director of PSPC Berlin. Also in 2015, she earned a Ph.D. at the Freiberg Business School parallel to her consulting work.

Professor Srinath Perera

John Beswick
Professor Srinath Perera

Professor Srinath Perera (PhD MSc IT BSc (Hons) QS MRICS AAIQS) is the chair in Construction Economics at Northumbria University and leads the Construction Economics and Management research group (www.northumbria-qs.org). He leads research in sustainability focusing on carbon estimating and the use of public private partnerships in construction. His expertise in dealing with multi disciplines have enabled him to be a lead partner in several EU funded projects in disaster resilience paving the way to apply construction economic techniques in building resilience.

Srinath is the coordinator of the International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction (CIB) task group TG83: e-Business in Construction. He is a chartered surveyor and a member of the North East regional board of the RICS. He currently serves as an editorial board member of several international journals and is the chairman of the Editorial Panel’s Procurement sub-committee of the ICE proceedings on Management Procurement and Law. He is also the co-author of the leading text book Cost Studies of Buildings 6th Edition recently published by Routledge.