Thames Tideway Tunnel – Building for 22nd Century London, Chesterfield

20 October, 2015 | 18:30 - 20:20

The Thames Tideway Tunnel, designed to upgrade London
The Thames Tideway Tunnel, designed to upgrade London's sewer network.

About this event

The Thames Tideway Tunnel is the biggest privately financed project in Europe and, when completed, will substantially reduce the volume of untreated sewage overflowing from London’s Victorian sewers into the River Thames.

As the largest project ever undertaken in the UK water industry, the 25km tunnel will be 7.2 metres in diameter and reach depths of up to 65 metres. Construction on the project is due to start in 2016 and will involve 24 construction sites across London, creating around 9,000 jobs.

Phil Stride has been working on the Thames Tideway Tunnel for the last seven years. He is a civil engineer by trade and has a wealth of experience managing both wastewater and clean water projects.

He previously worked for Thames Water for 40 years and has held a number of senior manager positions in both engineering and operations. He is a Fellow of both the Institution of Civil Engineers and the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

Phil's role on the project has more recently focused on leading the widely-praised public consultation and development consent application process, the largest planning application ever submitted in the UK. Work undertaken by the project team on the planning application for the project has recently won the Royal Town Planning Institute’s Silver Jubilee Cup.


Phil Stride (Thames Water)


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