The art and science of soil stabilisation, Portsmouth

4 February, 2016 | 17:30 - 19:30

Find out how the construction industry stabilises soil, ready for construction.
Find out how the construction industry stabilises soil, ready for construction.

About this event

Please note that, prior to the Soil Stabilisation talk, Tammy Simmons, MarComms Manager at the Engineering Council, will give a brief presentation about the ECUK's work.

Soil stabilisation is a modern and efficient method of recycling and strengthening inert and contaminated soils and other construction materials for embankment construction, foundation to buildings and pavement layers, offering substantial benefits to the developer and contractor alike. Most cohesive and granular sub - soils can be stabilised. Natural soils as well as made ground and recycled materials can be utilised. Soil suitability depends primarily on chemical constituents.

Stabilisation eliminates the removal of unstable or unsuitable material from the site, such as soft clay or wet sands and gravels, removing Landfill Tax from the equation at a stroke. Instead the soil is lime/cement treated on site to bring it up to the strength and stability required for structural fill and capping/subbase layers, eliminating the need to import good fill and dramatically reducing the requirements for stone.

This talk will outline the science behind stabilisation and the processes involved, as well as identifying some of the problems that can arise if the process is not properly planned and undertaken.

Our speaker, Steve Dunn, Director of Geofirma Soils Engineering has over 25 years of experience in Earthworks and Civil Engineering, working on numerous major earthworks sites in both the public and private sector.

Steve was the Earthworks Project Manager on the Terminal 5 Heathrow contract. He has been running Geofirma Soils Engineering since January 2012 and is responsible for all the operations of the Company. Steve is also a BSI expert committee member working on European Standards for Earthworks and Stabilisation.

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