The Confidence Masterclass – Building Self Confidence with NLP, Cardiff

21 February, 2017 | 16:00 - 17:30

Feel more confident in yourself.
Feel more confident in yourself.

About this event

Self-confidence is one of those things that can help in every aspect of your life, and can be gained or strengthened using NLP. Confidence is a feeling and is a state of mind in a given context. In this workshop we'll focus on some simple NLP techniques you can use to help change the way you feel. Creating confidence in yourself and sharing ways to so this with your team is a great skill for the modern leader. Confidence gained through a better understanding of your mind is one of the most powerful ways to get and be confident.

During the 60-minute session you'll learn what NLP is (Neuro Linguistic Programming), you'll gain a better understanding of how your mind works, how your thoughts and physiology effect how you feel, and how taking early action is key to building confidence. The workshop will give you practical tips and NLP techniques that will help you feel more confident whenever you choose.

During this session you'll learn:

  • What is NLP? (Neuro Linguistic Programming), why it is proving to be so useful particularly in work situations and how NLP can help people build confidence in all areas of life, including in a career or business context.
  • NLP Communication Model – how the mind processes information that is coming in via all our senses (sight, hearing etc) – the mind deletes, distorts and generalizes information – the output of which influences how we feel (e.g. confident or not).
  • The inside job on confidence – We'll look at what confidence is, what it isn't and you'll become familiar with the beliefs, values, self-image, self-talk, the stories that confident people tell themselves and all the other elements they use to create that inner feeling of confidence.
  • 3 confidence hacks – you'll learn 3 ways in which you can give yourself a confidence boost when you need it. We'll consider language & physiology/body language tips, as well as how you can use memories of past experiences where you've previously been confident.
  • An introduction to NLP Anchoring – you'll be introduced to a technique called Anchoring and during the workshop you'll create your own 'Circle of Confidence' that you can use to boost your confidence following the workshop!

It'll be fun, interactive, and full of practical takeaways that you can put into practice straight away. You don't need any prior knowledge of NLP simply come with an attitude of curiosity and a willingness to learn!

Laura Evans will give an insight into confidence and how this greatly impacts people both personally and professionally. Laura will share 3 confidence hacks and you'll create a Confidence Anchor you can take away and use after the event wherever you need a boost of confidence!


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Laura Evans, Unleash Your Potential Ltd

Laura Evans

After 15 years in HR and Training roles in corporate life Laura decided to follow her passion of how the mind works, empowering people & helping them unleash their potential. She started studying NLP in 2008 is a Master NLP Coach and International Trainer of NLP – running NLP & NLP Coaching courses across the UK. A chartered member of the CIPD, Laura has many years' experience helping individuals better manage pressure through a better understanding of how their mind works. Having personally experienced stress and anxiety at work she is able to bring real life personal examples to this talk.

When it came to NLP, Laura was amazed at how quickly and easily she could change the way she thought, she changed things that had held her back for years, and saw astonishing results! She brings a sense of fun, energy and passion to her workshops – "she is one of the [NLP] industry's rising stars!"