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The enablng works at Hinkley Point C, Plymouth

13 October, 2015 | 18:00 - 20:00

An aerial view of how Hinkley Point C may look
An aerial view of how Hinkley Point C may look

About this event

This project and all of its associated developments are known as Hinkley Point C. If the investment framework is approved, Hinkley Point C will be the first in a new generation of UK nuclear power stations, marking a significant moment in the revitalisation of the UK’s nuclear power industry. A new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point will not only provide a clean, secure and affordable source of electricity for around five million homes, but it will also provide:

  • Around 900 jobs at the new power stations for more than 60 years
  • Around 25,000 employment opportunities throughout the build for nearly a decade
  • A programme of investment in community wellbeing, education, employment and skills
  • Opportunities for businesses to win a share of the £16 billion to be invested in construction

The Enabling Works will deliver the foundations from which main civils and mechanical electrical packages will be completed The Kier BAM Earthworks Joint Venture will undertake the Earthworks and Preliminary Works at Hinkley Point C.

The talk will concentrate on the scope of works within the Enabling Works and provide an insight into the works completed on site thus far with a particular focus on the Kier BAM Earthworks Joint Venture.

Event materials

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Craig Small

Craig is a Senior Project Manager at Kier Infrastructure; current working on the KierBAM Earthworks Joint Venture at Hinkley Point C is responsible for the delivery of the Roads Networks & Structures within KBEJV scope of works.