The floating Houses of Parliament concept, London

7 March, 2017 | 18:00 - 20:00

Relocating Parliament whilst refurbishment takes place.
Relocating Parliament whilst refurbishment takes place.

About this event

In an uncertain world, The Houses of Parliament have proved to be an enduring symbol of stability and democracy. Their iconic status at the heart of Government is recognised the world over and by the many thousands of visitors who come to visit a year. This concept powerfully expresses the necessity for the continuity of Government in this historic location in Westminster.

The pressing need to refurbish the Palace of Westminster provides a unique opportunity for the UK to demonstrate its resilience and celebrate its design creativity.

Architects Gensler unveiled its concept for temporary Houses of Parliament located on the River Thames in October 2016. The proposed modular structure located on the River Thames could provide a flexible and secure home that helps save the British taxpayer more than £1.8 billion, and allows the urgent repair works to proceed.

It could be built in less than three years in shipyards across the UK and floated along the Thames to be secured and assembled on the river some 10 metres from the Palace of Westminster.

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Ian Mulcahey

Ian Mulcahey

Ian Mulcahey is Managing Director of Gensler's London office. With over 20 years' experience in the design and implementation of complicated projects at a range of scales in Europe and the Middle East, he has a deep understanding of the competing political, commercial and social forces that influence plans. He leads a multidisciplinary team of planners, architects, landscape architects and urban designers who undertake a full range of national and international planning and urban design work to produce feasibility studies through to the planning and implementation of major strategic master plans.

Ian is a renowned speaker and author of several articles on a number of planning issues. He is a member of the Economic Development Plan (EDP) Advisory Group, The ULI European Urban Regeneration Council and The East Thames Crossing Commission. Ian has also recently taken the post of Chair for the newly formed The Aldgate Partnership.