The key principles and practicalities of earthworks, Edinburgh

10 November, 2015 | 17:30 - 20:00

Workers celebrate the removal of 1m tonnes of earth as a result of London
Workers celebrate the removal of 1m tonnes of earth as a result of London's Crossrail project. Picture courtesy of Crossrail.

About this event

Earthworks are the most common product of civil engineering operations. Nothing can be built without some excavation and some transfer of soil (or rock) from one part of a site to another. The subject of earthworks is special because it provides an added dimension to the normal complexity of soil mechanics.

Building on the original work and widely renowned publication by Neil Trenter, the presentation will provide an overview of the recently updated second edition. One of its main aims has been to clarify and develop guidance on the selection of appropriate material properties for earthworks fill and their design. This brings in to line the current requirements of BS 6031 and Eurocode 7 that govern the field of earthworks. The update to the original publication complements these standards and is a useful addition to all involved within the field of earthworks design and construction.

The presentation will offer discussion on essential processes behind earthwork projects of any scale; the classification of fills, excavations, fill material design, fill selection and compaction, and stability of earthwork cuttings and embankments, both within a design and construction perspective. The success of these lead to the successful delivery of projects and the avoidance of costly problems.

The presentation will finally conclude with the practical consequence of the choices made by Engineers working in earthworks engineering today. These see a number of similar factors extending to all projects for environmental, economic and ground risk management.

Refreshments will be available from 5.30pm.

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Paul Nowak, Technical Director for Infrastructure Geotechnics for Atkins Ltd

Paul is responsible for the geotechnical design of infrastructure projects and is a Chartered Engineer and Chartered Geologist. Paul has over 35 years’ experience specialising in infrastructure design and construction in the UK and many other countries. He has acted as Lead Engineer and Project Manager for the design of major infrastructure projects in a wide variety of geological conditions. He is co-author of ICE Earthworks – A Guide, 2nd Edition and was Section Editor of the Earthworks section of the ICE.