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The industry perspective - The Mid-Atlanctic current hindcast, London

6 April, 2016 | 18:00 - 20:00

Looking at the effectiveness of Metocean data and it
Looking at the effectiveness of Metocean data and it's value on the industry.

About this event

As the oil price continues to remain 'lower for longer' the role of Metocean data to drive operational efficiency has never been more relevant. The first part of this presentation will address how Metocean data is currently used building upon the speakers unique industry experience working with a major oil and gas operator.

The second half of the presentation will focus on how new approaches to developing Metocean data in partnership with industry experts can enhance its value to support effective decision making. We will demonstrate this though a case study of a recent cooperative initiative between the UK Met Office, Oceanweather Inc. and BMT ARGOSS, to undertake a high integrity numerical model reanalysis of layered ocean current, temperature and salinity over a twenty year period.

We will provide additional details of the modelling system, its configuration and testing and the value this has provided to the oil and gas sector above the current established Metocean datasets.

Event materials

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Dr Nicolas Fournier

Nicolas joined the UK Met Office in September 2015 after working 8 years for Shell International as a climate advisor in the Civil, Structure and Offshore Team in The Netherlands.

He has a PhD in Meteorology from Edinburgh University and worked as a climate scientist at the Dutch and Norwegian Met Offices from 2003 to 2007. His main expertise is in operating and designing for extreme desert and arctic conditions.

In the oil and gas industry he has mainly been involved in ensuring the safety of exploration operations in the MENA and Arctic regions using new cost-effective methodologies.

He has also taken part in the development of Basis of Design for various projects where severe weather and climate change issues had to be considered.

At the UK Met Office he is interested in applying the latest science to support the energy sector based on his insight of the needs of this industry.