The Severn Tunnel, Cardiff

18 May, 2016 | 17:30 - 19:30

The Severn Tunnel, linking England and Wales.
The Severn Tunnel, linking England and Wales.

About this event

Severn Tunnel is one of the main rail links between England and South Wales, and after having been open for more than 130 years, it is seeing some of its most intensive maintenance to date in order to modernise and electrify the asset as part of the Great Western Route Modernisation.

The talk will be in two parts, the first part about the construction of the tunnel and the difficulties faced as well as how the tunnel is maintained and operated, with the second part focusing on the electrification of the tunnel.


Louise Bungay

Louise Bungay

Louise Bungay is an asset engineer working in the Asset Management Team of Network Rail Wales, responsible for the management of civil structures within a specific area of Wales, including Severn Tunnel. Prior to this, Louise was a graduate bridge engineer with Mott MacDonald in their Cardiff office, after graduating from Cardiff University in 2012.

Louise was ICE Wales Cymru Chairman's Apprentice for Norman Seward in 2013/14, is Hon Secretary to ICE Wales Cymru Main Committee, an active member of G&S Committee, as well as a STEM Ambassador.

Chris Crabtree

Chris Crabtree

Chris Crabtree is the Section Engineer responsible for the Severn Tunnel for ABC Electrification.

Part of his role is coordinating all of the enabling works in the tunnel for the installation of the OLE, which is scheduled to take place in a 6week blockade starting in September.

Prior to joining the ABC Electrification Project Chris has worked in Costain's Highways and Water sectors, notably being part of the team which successfully delivered the Hammersmith Flyover Project in West London.

Outside of work Chris is involved with the engineering charity the Arkwright Scholarship which pairs exceptional students to engineering companies with the objective of encouraging young talent into the industry.

Simon Hurst

Arup - lead civil designer for the Severn Tunnel works