The Third Annual ICE, MWH and Heriot Watt University Christmas Lecture on Resilience, London

13 December, 2016 | 18:00 - 20:00

The Third Annual ICE, MWH and Heriot Watt University Christmas Lecture on Resilience, London

About this event

The road to resilience: Financing resilient energy infrastructure

We have seen a fourfold increase in extreme weather events over the past 30 years, increasing pressure on use of water in energy production and increasing levels of cyber threat that are all contributing to a new reality for the energy sector.

With increasing systems integration, resilience is no longer just about building systems stronger and returning single assets to full operation after a disruptive event. When interdependent systems are blacked out, by extreme weather or cyber-attack, the system as a whole is at risk of being deadlocked. Black-starting capability, decentralised decision autonomy and local empowerment have become key concepts of a new “soft resilience” approach as opposed to the traditional “hard resilience” practice of simply building systems stronger. Operating in this new landscape requires different tools and new approaches to manage risk.

At the Christmas lecture on resilience on Tuesday 13 December 2016, Dr Christoph Frei, Secretary General of the World Energy Council will address important energy and sustainability issues and explore the role of cross-sector collaboration in driving change and ensuring that energy is a central part of sustainable development.

Join Dr Frei, Professor Paul Jowitt, David A. Smith and Professor Tim Broyd at One Great George Street and hear how civil engineers are building a better world.


18:00 Registration

18:30 Welcome from the Chair
Tim Broyd, President, Institution of Civil Engineers

Introduction to MWH
David A. Smith, Chief Strategy Officer, MWH 

18:40 Introduction of speaker
John Malueg, Manager of Resilience Programmes, Stantec

18:45 Main lecture
Christoph Frei, Secretary General, World Energy Council

19:30 Discussion, questions and answers
19:55 Summation from the Chair
20:00 Close of lecture

John Beswick


Christoph Frei

Secretary General, World Energy Council

John Beswick

Christoph Frei is the World Energy Council’s fifth Secretary General. Since joining the World Energy Council in 2009, Dr Frei’s priorities have been to mobilise international energy leaders and decision-makers to work together towards building a sustainable future, underpinned by robust policymaking.

Dr Frei’s main focus has been to provide world decision-makers with the necessary evidence base and the high-level dialogue platform for energy policies to address the Energy Trilemma – the trade-offs between energy security, energy affordability, and environmental impact mitigation.


Professor Tim Broyd

President, Institution of Civil Engineers

John Beswick

Throughout his career Professor Broyd has worked at the interface between industry practice and academic thinking in the construction and infrastructure sectors, including in roles with a formal responsibility for influencing business and government leaders to embrace and drive innovation through their organisations.