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Total asset resilience assessment for a post-pandemic world, joint webinar

  • Webinar
  • Online
  • 07 July 2020
  • 11:00 - 12:30
Total asset resilience assessment for a post-pandemic world, joint webinar

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The pandemic outbreak, which is having a huge impact on lives and assets, has brought a renewed focus on ‘resilience’. Resilience is not limited to planning for physical infrastructure; intangible intelligence will be incredibly valuable as businesses and companies become increasingly dependent on urban data and access.

Climate change, pandemic outbreaks, natural disasters and especially multi-hazard occurrences have placed varying amounts of pressure on functions of various urban systems, from healthcare to high street retail, logistics and supply chains. By looking at the various dimensions of business and systems through the lens of asset assessment, we gain valuable insights into the limitations and cracks in our planning and operations. All these make us rethink the way we plan, design, develop and manage our assets to protect the health and wellbeing of people when emergencies arise.

This webinar will cover three dimensions to resilience that goes beyond the output to look at the outcome:

  1. The tangible and physical aspect such as infrastructure, building facilities and services
  2. The intangible aspect including business brand, reputation and data
  3. The people aspect

It will look at the approach of assessing resilience of all these three aspects, taking into account of the interconnectedness and intercorrelation, and the domino and multiple effects it has under various hazard scenarios.


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Please note that this event will be held from 18.00 - 19.30 (Hong Kong, GMT+08:00).


Bruce Chong

Director (Urban Sustainability), Arup

Bruce Chong

Bruce is Arup’s Urban Sustainability team leader, focusing on formulating strategic approaches on resources efficiency, green infrastructure, smart and resilient planning. He is also Arup’s Skills Leader of City Resilience and Sustainable Infrastructure Design in East Asia, working on masterplanning, strategic resources planning and building projects from city, district to community level in Hong Kong, China and Southeast Asia.

Bruce is a Cambridge Overseas Scholar and a Research Fellow in the Sydney University. He takes an active role to create values and generate the momentum of change for the industry, an example being the Smart Green Resilient framework which has been adopted by the Hong Kong government.

Tammy Tse

Senior Consultant (Sustainability and Environment), Arup

Tammy Tse

With a strong background in sustainability management, Tammy is experienced in delivering sustainability frameworks with KPIs and solutions. She is experienced in delivering integrated sustainability development frameworks for masterplanning projects and providing sustainability management solutions in both masterplanning and organisational levels.

In recent years, she has been involved in identifying opportunities and key issues in urban sustainability including climate resilience, low/zero carbon, circular economy and smart cities, developing assessment frameworks and methodologies for clients in both public and private sectors.

Justin Cheung

Consultant (Urban Resilience), Arup

Justin Cheung

As part of Arup’s Hong Kong planning group, Justin focuses on smart, resilient and sustainable cities planning and management. He is the East Asia Regional Community Manager for the City Resilience Skills Network and has carried out a number of climate resilience assessments for private developments in Hong Kong and overseas.

In recent years, he has been leading to develop resilience assessment tools based on TCFD framework for clients in different sectors, cities and climatic regions. He has also played an active role in urban development and feasibility studies on Smart Green Resilient measures for application in new developments.

Event venue

Hong Kong

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Crystal Fung

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