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Traffic signals - keeping Cumbria moving, Carlisle

14 January, 2016 | 18:00 - 20:30

There are over 200 sets of signals in Cumbria.
There are over 200 sets of signals in Cumbria.

About this event

This Cumbria Branch meeting presents a brief look at how we manage the traffic signals in Cumbria, and how technology we use has changed over the years. Cumbria County Council have over 200 sets of traffic signals in the County, how do we manage to keep the traffic moving both in the larger urban centres, as well as the more remote, rural locations?

The technologies used by industries to control and operate traffic signals have changed significantly over the years. Nick Warwick, Team Lead for Cumbria County Council’s Traffic Signals Team, will present a demonstration of the practical applications of a number of these technologies; including some hands on examples and will explore some of the challenges faced when using traffic signals.

Nick Warwick

Nick is the team leader of the Traffic Signals / ITS team for Cumbria County Council; while his traffic signals background is largely Cumbria-based, he has had brief spells in other areas, including work in London with the TRL and also slightly more exotic locations, such as Delhi.

He’ll endeavour to give you an idea of the challenges that we sometimes have in managing the traffic signals, and give you a flavour of how we can (try to) keep the traffic moving.