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Upland Water in the Rose Bowl, Leeds

19 January, 2016 | 10:00 - 16:00

Managing the risk of flooding in the uplands
Managing the risk of flooding in the uplands

About this event

Those responsible for managing the uplands – including land-owners, farmers, conservation organisations and game-keepers – face a whole range of challenges and uncertainties.

It has been suggested that there continues to be a disconnect between land-managers, the research community and policy makers. Some land managers feel that the ‘wrong’ research questions are being investigated, that practitioner knowledge is disregarded, and that research findings are not disseminated in an effective way.

To address these charges, at this event we will:

  • Highlight areas where recent research can usefully inform land management practice
  • Identify where land managers feel they have insufficient information, and consequently:
    • Where research might best be focused in the coming years
    • How different types of knowledge should be assimilated and disseminated

Event materials

The following materials are available for download:


  • David Mount - Upland Hydrology Group
  • Dr Jennine Jonczyk- British Hydrological Society/ Newcastle University
  • Pete Fox, Director Water, Land and Biodiversity, Environment Agency
  • Dr Pippa Chapman, University of Leeds
  • Clare Bullen, United Utilities
  • Dr Paul Quinn, Newcastle University
  • John Malley, National Trust
  • Joseph Holden and Lee Brown, water@leeds