Flood and Water Management – 6 years on! Northampton

18 October, 2016 | 18:00 - 19:45

An update on the roles of the Lead Local Flood Authority.
An update on the roles of the Lead Local Flood Authority.

About this event

This presentation will provide a brief overview of the local, regional and national perspective of flood risk management and how it has changed over the last six years, touching on:

  • Developing, maintaining and putting in place a Local Flood Risk Management Strategy;
  • Establishing local management and governance arrangements with other key stakeholders to ensure delivery of effective joined up management of flood risk;
  • Being a statutory consultee on all major planning applications with surface water drainage implications;
  • Establishing and maintaining a register of flood risk management assets with a record of each structure, together with details of ownership and state of repair; and
  • Investigating flooding incidents in order to understand their cause and ensure that appropriate agencies play their role in the effective flood risk management.

The presentation will then provide a more detailed overview of the lessons learnt from the Northamptonshire Community Resilience and Small Scheme Pathfinder projects as well as promoting the use of the award-winning Northamptonshire County Council Flood Toolkit: www.floodtoolkit.com

Event materials

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