Water Crisis: conflicts and opportunities, London

11 November, 2016 | 10:30 - 17:00

Looking into the relationship between water crisis and conflict.
Looking into the relationship between water crisis and conflict.

About this event

There are growing concerns about the increasing frequency and severity of droughts and water scarcity remains high on international agenda. Water scarcity, together with climate, environment, and population stresses, compounds political instability and water conflict, and this requires emergency action both nationally and internationally. It is widely acknowledged that there are different types of scarcity (e.g. physical, economic) and the consequences of scarcity are context-dependent.

This seminar examines the relationship between water crises, particularly related to surface water, and conflict. It also looks at water crises through the lens of opportunity – exploring the interplay between conflict and cooperation in solving water crises, and exploring how water crises can act as a catalyst to improve water governance.

This one-day workshop will include presentations from IWF members, Kings Water, FAO and DFID among others. The full programme will be published shortly, and will include papers on characterisation and management of drought, challenging the war and water scarcity discourse; role of regional drought and climate change in contributing to conflict, and the use of water management as a tool for conflict resolution, amongst others.

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  • Jean Paul Penrose – Senior Water Adviser at DFID
  • Mohamed Bazza - Senior Water Resources Officer, Land and Water Division, FAO
  • Naho Miromachi - King's College London
  • Brendan Bromwich - King's College London
  • Paul Sayers - World Wildlife Fund
  • David Mansfield - ALCIS
  • Simon Howarth - IWF & Mott MacDonald