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Water Resource Management Planning, St Albans

  • Lecture
  • 15 June 2017
  • 18:30 - 20:00
Water Resource Management Planning, St Albans

About this event

Water Resource Management Plans (WRMP) form part of the statutory framework for water and provide a 25 year look ahead of forecast demand and supply availability, such that water companies have sufficient water to supply the public whilst also maintaining adequate water in the environment. WRMPs are reviewed and updated every 5 years, with the next iteration due to be finalised in 2019 so that any investment needs can be included in the 2020/25 business plan as part of the PR19 Periodic Review with OFWAT the financial regulator for England and Wales.

The talk will outline the processes involved in forecasting demand and supply, identify some of the potential strategies for increasing water availability and managing demand and discuss some of the future challenges that need to be considered.


For more information please contact:

Andy Palmer
e: andyr.palmer@btopenworld.com

Event venue

63-77 Victoria Street
St Albans
United Kingdom

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Heather Bell

e: heather.bell@ice.org.uk