Welcome to the Dark Side - Twenty five years of development in ADR, London

22 February, 2016 | 18:30 - 20:00

Channel Tunnel rail project.
Channel Tunnel rail project.

About this event

Speaker: David Canning

David Canning will describe how changing needs and perceptions have been met (or not) by developments in Alternative/Appropriate Dispute Resolution or Avoidance (ADR) over the last 25 years.


Changing Needs & Perceptions: declining autonomy of the engineer, employers wanting more control over outcomes, more effective (and cooperative?) supply chains, better payment terms, transparency for development banks, excessive costs & time for litigation or arbitration.

During the talk David will:

  • Set ADR in its historical and developing context
  • Describe the various forms of ADR currently in use, through a hierarchy from Negotiation through Dispute Boards to International Arbitration
  • Discuss the strengths & weaknesses of each – informed by case histories
  • Comment on those processes formalised in particular forms of Contract
  • Discuss some principles for making the most of the different the processes
  • Consider current trends and gaze into his crystal ball for future expectations

David Canning has spent fifty years actively involved in construction projects around the world since graduating with a degree in mechanical sciences in 1965. Although he remains a civil engineer at heart, he qualified as a commercial mediator, adjudicator & arbitrator during the 1990s and has been actively involved in all forms of ADR ever since. He was a director of CEDR, the leading UK mediation body, and has chaired the ICE's CPD committee for all its dispute resolution specialists.

His project experience as a commercial adviser includes Channel Tunnel, the Great Man-Made River Project in Libya and Dubai Metro during 25 years as a technical director of High-Point Rendel.

This talk will contribute to ICE Development Objectives/Attributes focused on commercial and legal awareness.

Event materials

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