Wessex Water’s new supply grid and flow optimiser technology, London

20 March, 2017 | 17:30 - 19:30

Water supply must be secured.
Water supply must be secured.

About this event

The new supply Grid is the largest, most complex project, Wessex Water has ever undertaken. The project has involved the design and construction of more than 200km of trunkmains, 24 new or refurbished pumping stations and 12 large new storage tanks.

Wessex Water Grid
Wessex Water Grid

It will improve interconnectivity within the existing water supply system.  This will enable water to be moved from areas of surplus to areas of need and hence provide our customers with a secure, resilient supply of water to 2035.

New flow optimisation technology has been implemented as part of this project. It allows a holistic view to be taken over the whole supply network, up to 72 hours ahead, rather than decisions being based only on the current water levels in adjacent local reservoirs.

This gives many benefits, including;

  • Improved security of supply and contingency planning
  • Efficient transfer of flows in a complex supply system
  • Efficient management of assets in a complex transfer and distribution system
  • Savings made in avoiding expensive Triads and Duos periods
  • Optimal outage planning
  • Optimal blending ratios for nitrate sources
  • Reduced call outs out-of-hours as forecast provides more confidence in networks flexibility


17:30 Tea and biscuits in the restaurant
18:15 Lecture in the Telford theatre
19:15 Questions
19:30 Close


Please confirm your attendance to drummond.modley@wessexwater.co.uk.