Whalley Archimedes Screw, Preston

2 December, 2015 | 18:30 - 20:30

Whalley archimedes screw.
Whalley archimedes screw.

About this event

This presentation describes the progress by a Community Benefit group in developing and constructing a 100kW Hydro Power scheme on a no longer utilised but historically important weir in Whalley.

An early decision was made to appoint a principle contractor. However the purely mechanical contract was found to be inadequate and the NEC3 Engineering and Construction contract was adopted. An in-house Project Manager and Supervisor were appointed. An overriding objective was to employ local contractors.

The location naturally dictated the construction techniques which necessitated shuttering upstream and downstream of the weir on the River Calder around which the water is now partially diverted to generate the power via an Archimedes Screw.

Construction techniques and schedule were dictated fundamentally by environmental, conservational and ecological requirements which are described. Health and safety was a key issue as was the flood risk.

A thirteen minute video summarises the civil engineering construction programme.


Tim Ashworth (WHCL)

Refreshments will be served from 18:00 for a 18:30 meeting start.

Organised by Lancashire Branch in conjunction with the Environment & Sustainability and Health & Safety Group (ESHSG)

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